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開發工具 Xcode for Mac v11.1

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  • 開發商:Apple 官網首頁
  • 支持類型: Mac Mac OS X10.14.4或更高版本
  • 支持語言:英文等


Xcode 是用于構建 Mac OS X 及 iOS 應用程序的完整工具集 - Xcode 4 的工具經過重新設計,它們的性能更優秀、使用更容易,能帶給用戶前所未有的助益。


Xcode 是用于構建 Mac OS X 及 iOS 應用程序的完整工具集 - Xcode 4 的工具經過重新設計,它們的性能更優秀、使用更容易,能帶給用戶前所未有的助益。Xcode IDE 能夠理解所有的工程細節,可以識別代碼中的語法及邏輯錯誤,甚至能夠幫助您修正代碼中的錯誤。 簡言之,Xcode 4 能夠幫助您編寫更好的代碼。

Xcode 4 具有全新的用戶界面,而且它賴以構建的技術也得到了充分的驗證。一方面,蘋果公司自身就是通過這些技術構建 Mac OS X 以及 iOS;再者,開發者利用這些技術已生產出超過 25 萬個 Mac OS X 及 iOS 應用程序。

來自Mac App Store官方介紹

Xcode includes everything developers need to create great applications for Mac, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, and Apple Watch. Xcode provides developers a unified workflow for user interface design, coding, testing, and debugging. The Xcode IDE combined with the Swift programming language make developing apps easy and fun.

Xcode includes the Xcode IDE, Swift and C/C++/Objective-C compilers, Instruments analysis tool, simulators, the latest SDKs, and hundreds of powerful features:

Innovative tools help you create great apps
? Swift is an intuitive programming language that is safe, fast, and modern
? SwiftUI is a revolutionary new framework to create user interfaces with a declarative Swift syntax
? Playgrounds are a fun way to experiment and interact with Swift code
? View debugging shows a 3D stack of all your app's UI view layers at runtime
? Split editors in virtually unlimited ways, show previews, or choose an assistant to see related content
? Live Issues display errors as you type, and Fix-its improve your code with just a click
? Source control navigator and service integrations help you manage code across a team

SwiftUI and Interface Builder make it easy to design your interface
? SwiftUI uses declarative Swift code that clearly describes your interface
? Design canvas graphically builds UI views using the library of controls and modifyers
? Preview SwiftUI code or UIKit interfaces in different screen sizes, orientations, and font sizes
? SwiftUI code is always in perfect sync with the graphical design canvas and previews
? Animations are built using simple commands that describe the action you want to see

Professional editor and debugger keep your code front and center
? Refactoring makes it easy to modify the structure of Swift, Objective-C, C, and C++ code
? Open Quickly instantly opens any file within your project
? Data tips and Quick Look can inspect a variable by hovering your mouse over code while debugging
? Third-party app extensions can add new capabilities to the source editor

Test driven development is built right in
? Use the Test Navigator to add, edit, or run unit tests or user interface tests with just a click
? Test Assistant makes it easy to edit your code and related tests, side-by-side
? Create continuous integration bots to build and test on a server Mac running Xcode

Instruments for performance analysis
? Compare CPU, disk, memory, and GPU performance as graphical tracks over time
? Identify performance bottlenecks, then dive deep into the code to uncover the cause
? Analyze your app directly, or sample the entire system with very little overhead
? Create custom instruments with unique visualizations to analyze your own code and frameworks

To test or run applications on an iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, or Apple Watch all you need is a free Apple ID. To submit your apps to the App Store you must be a member of the Apple Developer Program. Some features may require Internet access.



Xcode 11.1 includes Swift 5.1 and SDKs for iOS 13.1, iPadOS 13.1, tvOS 13, watchOS 6, and macOS Catalina 10.15

? SwiftUI framework and design tools work together to enable a new way to build user intefaces
? Declarative syntax defines your user interface using easy-to-read Swift code
? Design tools make it as easy as drag-and-drop to construct and edit your views
? Code you write is always in sync with the design and preview canvas
? Library of controls and modifiers make it easy to build complex interfaces
? Animations are built using simple commands that describe the action you want to see
? Preview your real app running on multiple device types, orientations, and font sizes
? Share common code across all Apple platforms, and add custom experiences for each OS

Mac Catalyst brings iPad apps to the Mac
? Click a single checkbox in your iPad project to add a native Mac app
? One project and set of source code creates iPhone, iPad, and Mac versions of your app
? Customize elements of your app for an experience unique to Mac
? Add new SwiftUI code to your project along side existing UIKit code
? Submit to the Mac App Store or notarize for outside distribution

Swift and Swift Packages
? Swift packages are supported throughout, including build, debug, and SCM workflows
? Use Swift packages from GitHub, Bitbucket, GitLab, or your own hosts
? Download packages automatically based on dependency analysis
? Create your own packages to share code among all your apps, or to publish for the community

iOS dark mode
? Switch between light and dark mode instantly while developing and debugging
? Asset catalog makes it easy to control images and colors for dark and light mode

? Editor minimap gives a bird’s eye view of your code so you can quickly jump to any line
? Each editor view has its own preview, assistant, or other complementary views
? Split any editor pane to layout your workspace exactly as you want

Other improvements
? Build stand-alone watchOS apps with a faster debugging experience
? Simulator launches quickly and uses the GPU to accelerate Metal code
? Test plans give you greater control of your test harness with sharable results bundles
? Automatically generate localized screenshots using UI tests as part of your test plan
? Source control adds support for stash and cherry-pick operations
? Simulate device conditions such as a slow network or thermal warnings while debugging
? Metrics tab in the Organizer shows how efficiently your app runs on customer devices


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